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ISO 20000 is basically the re-publication of BS15000, with a number modifications and minor changes. These amount largely to the following:

  • Alignment of Parts 1 and 2
  • Standardization of terms
  • Clarification of the wording of a number of the requirements
  • A relatively small number of changes to requirements.

It is believed that it will cover the aspects of ITSM that are actually the cause of 80% of the total spend on information technology by most organizations. It is intended that it will provide a common understanding of the management of IT services worldwide.

Like BS 15000, it will be published as two documents: ISO 20000-1, which is the Specification for Service Management, and ISO 20000-2, which is the Code ofPractice for Service Management.

Upon publication it will be available for download from BSI's ISO 20000 StandardsDirect Outlet.

Other references are:
The ISO 20000 User Portal
ISO 20000 Central


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