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Introducing ITSM

Today, Business Services are increasingly delivered or enabled using Information Technology.  Business and IT management need guidance and support on how to manage the IT infrastructure in order to improve functionality and quality in an cost effective manner. The concept of IT Service Management (ITSM) is at the heart of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). ITIL provides the much-needed guidance on how to manage IT infrastructure so as to streamline IT services in line with business expectations. ITIL is a best practices framework, it presents the consolidated learning’s and experience of organisations worldwide on how to best manage IT services to meet business expectations.

What is an IT Service?

The concept of IT services compels the IT managers to take a holistic view of the IT infrastructure. Traditionally, IT managers are used to managing individual IT components i.e. server, database, application, network etc.  

The “IT Service” concept views IT from an end user perspective i.e. IT service is what the customer or consumer receives. The IT service itself can be made up of hardware, software and communication facilities, but is perceived by the customer/consumer as a self contained, coherent entity. The table below illustrates the point further.  



IT Service



External Network provider

Network Services like WAN and VPN

IT department of the organization.


External data center

Server Hosting, Internet Connectivity

IT department of the organization


IT department of the organization

Email services, ERP services, Intranet, Internet, storage

Organization employees

 As shown above the IT department of an organization can be both a customer and a supplier. The IT service in turn is made up of various components. For example email service provided by the IT department is made up of IT components like Email server, email server application, email client application, LAN/WAN and the Desktop computer.  Deterioration in any of the IT components will affect the end-user IT service i.e. email service. 


What is IT Service Management?

IT service management is being cognizant of what is an “IT service” and managing the IT infrastructure components so as to provide quality IT service in the most effective and efficient manner. In other words IT service providers adopting ITSM should provide high quality IT services that meets the customer expectations within the imposed cost constraints.


What does ITSM involve?

ITSM involves embracing set of well-defined best practices like ITIL that facilitate delivery of cost effective, quality IT services. The best practices should be adapted within an organisations environment by addressing a combination of people, process and technology issues.


How are ITSM and ITIL related?

IT Service Management is a structured approach to IT service delivery and support. IT Service Management (ITSM) concept can be realized by adopting the ITIL best practices framework. At the core of ITIL framework are the two Service Management modules called “Service Delivery” and “Service Support”. ITIL framework takes a comprehensive view of ITSM and hence also includes other areas like application management, infrastructure management and security management. In all ITIL today has 7 modules that impact IT service management. All the ITIL areas are elaborated ahead.


Where does ITIL fit in the organization?

The table below illustrates where ITIL fits within an organization


Organization need



Certification based on third party assessment that the IT organization is compliant to international standard on IT Service Management.

ISO 20000


How to introduce ITSM in the IT organization? What are the industry best practices on ITSM?



What is to be done in my IT organization to adopt ITSM?

My organization Policy, Processes and Procedures






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