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Control OBjectives for Information and related Technologies (COBIT) has today become a de-facto standard for IT governance.  

COBIT, issued by the IT Governance Institute (ITGI), offers management, users and IS audit, control and security practitioners a reference framework for measuring performance, ascertaining success factors and using maturity models for benchmarking. COBIT components include:  

§         Executive Summary

§         Framework

§         Control Objectives

§         Audit Guidelines

§         Implementation Tool Set

§         Management Guidelines

At a very high level COBIT contains 34 IT processes organized into four related domains.

ITIL processes can be mapped to COBIT processes and both the frameworks nicely complement each other. If COBIT control framework tells the organization “what” to do in the delivery and support areas, ITIL best practices helps the organization define “how to” do the “what’s” identified by COBIT controls.

Further Information:
COBIT User group
COBIT Toolkit



Microsoft created Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) to provide detailed guidance on  “Operations Management” to its customers.

While developing MOF, Microsoft relied on the ITIL best practices and the same has been acknowledged in the MOF guides.

The IT processes of ITIL are referred to as Service Management Functions (SMF) within the MOF and the 20 SMF's are detailed in SMF specific individual technical document.

Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) is a collection of best practices, principles, and models. It provides comprehensive technical guidance for achieving mission-critical production system reliability, availability, supportability, and manageability for solutions and services built on Microsoft products and technologies. This guidance is presented in the form of white papers, service management guides, assessment tools, operations kits, best practices, case studies, and support tools that address the people, process, and technologies for effectively managing production systems within today’s complex distributed IT environment.

Further Information:
Microsoft Technet





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