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The ITIL Framework

ITIL framework provides best practices, which the organication can adopt or adapt, so as to realize the IT service management objectives of

a)     Align IT services with the current and future needs of the business.

b)     Improve the quality of IT services, and

c)      Reduce the cost of providing the IT service.

ITIL Framework


ITIL publication

What does it cover?


Best Practice for Service Delivery

2001. 376 pages ISBN0-11-330017-4

Covers the planning processes required to deliver quality IT services. The planning processes consider “forward looking” aspects that have an medium to long term impact on the quality of IT services.


Best Practice for Service Support

2000. 306 pages ISBN 0-11-330015-8

Covers support processes required to maintain the quality of IT services during day to day operations. The support processes consider aspects that have a immediate to short term impact on the quality of IT services.


The Business Perspective


Covers areas that enable Business-IT alignment for current and future IT services in the organization. The areas addressed include Business Relationship Management (BRM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Review, Planning & Development of IT and Liaison, education and communication of IT.


Planning to implement Service Management

2002. 208 pages. ISBN: 0-11-33087-9

Covers areas related to implementing and improving ITIL processes within an organization. It addresses areas related to ITIL process adoption like organization change, cultural change, and project management and process improvement.


ICT infrastructure management

2002. 283 pages. ISBN: 0-11-330865-5

Covers areas related to managing the ICT infrastructure. ICT infrastructure provides the underlying support infrastructure to provide the IT services.  The areas covered include management & administration, Design & Planning, Technical Support and Deployment & Operations.


Application Management

2002. 158 pages. ISBN: 0-11-330866-3

Covers application lifecycle phases i.e. requirements, design, build, deploy, operate and optimize. It includes guidance on IT service management considerations for application lifecycle phase.


Security Management

2002. 124 pages. ISBN: 0-11-330014-X

Covers the IT security management process which addresses the security aspects of information, IT services and ICT infrastructure. Security management process includes aspects on how to plan, implement, evaluate, maintain and control.






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