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BS15000 and ISO 20000

ISO 20000 is the first global standard on IT service management. ISO 20000 (formerly BS 15000) and ITIL complement each other.


Brief on ISO 20000

ISO 20000 consists of two parts

Part 1 (Specification for service management) is the standard itself, which specifies the compliance requirements for an organization to achieve the certification against the standard.

Part 2 (Code of practice for service management) called the “code of practice”, elaborates on the requirement specifications and offers guidance to organizations aspiring for the certification.

Associated publication that can be useful is PD0015 workbook. It’s an associated self-assessment workbook. PD0015 helps organizations assess current practices and can be used as part of Service Improvement Program.


Relation between ITIL and ISO 20000

ISO20000 standard is derived from ITIL. ITIL provides proven best practice process guidelines and ISO 20000 provides a level of quality for these activities, which can be audited.  

ISO 20000 provides a certification to organisations claim on deploying best practice, because an independent, external, evaluation against the whole formal standard has been carried out by an approved audit organization.

Organisations aiming for a certification in IT service management would get them selves assessed and certified through ISO 20000.

ITIL best practices framework provides the necessary reference and guideline to the team preparing the ITSM policy, processes and procedures. ITIL is the glue between ISO 20000 Standard and organization’s individual ITSM policy, process and procedures.


ISO20000 is a standard and hence is prescriptive in nature as against ITIL, which is a best practice recommendation.





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