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ITIL Certifications

There are three levels of individual certifications in the ITIL qualification scheme.

Foundation Certificate

This is designed to provide a foundation level of knowledge in IT Service Management and is aimed at all personnel who wish to become familiar with the best practices for IT Service Management, as defined in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). The Foundation Certificate in particular enables people to understand the terminology used within ITIL.

Practitionerís Certificate

This is aimed at those who are responsible within their organization for designing specific processes within the IT Service Management discipline, and performing the activities that belong to those processes. The Practitionerís Certificates focus on the depth of understanding and application of those subjects, treating each subject as a specialization.

Managerís Certificate

The Managerís Certificate is aimed at those who need to demonstrate a capability for managing ITIL-based solutions across the breadth of the Service Management subjects.

ITIL accreditation demonstrates that an individual has met the standards in Service Management as set by an examination certification board comprising representatives from OGC, itSMF and the Examination Institutes.





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