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The ITIL Refresh

As is fairly widely known, a process has started which will ultimately result in the refresh of ITIL. By virtue of the sheer size of the exercise, this will span a considerable time (years, not months, from start to finish), although 'tranches' will be published in the interim.

The objective of this exercise is to improve the 'usefulness and applicability' of ITIL, and development started following a consultation exercise.

The four tranches of the exercise are 'Web based tools', 'Consolidated books/CDs', 'Qualifications' and 'ITIL for the non-IT Manager'. The major concepts of ITIL, which ar eusually considered to be Serice Support and Service Delivery, are included in the second of these. Although predictions are difficult, most of the experts we have consulted feel that substantial changes with respect to these are most unlikely.

Other enhancements commonly predicted relate to: consistency, inclusion of “cultural issues”, case studies, links to other frameworks and the inclusion of ROI.


We intend to post information on this exercise as and when we receive it. This will be posted chronologically on this page. Please bookmark for future reference.





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